The Basics of Supported Decision-Making Webinar

Find out what you need to know to help someone with a developmental disability (DD) plan and live a full and self-determined life. Come learn about a 2018 DC Law that formally recognizes the right of people with disabilities to use Supported Decision-Making in health care, independent living, and other areas of life. These concepts are among the most critical elements of quality in human services today.

This virtual session is designed to help service providers explore the key elements of community integration and decision-making. The goal is to help participants identify strategies to support positive outcomes for people with DD in directing their own lives.

Supported Decision-Making is now recognized as the key to assisting people to achieve self-determination in their lives. Applying these principles in action requires a working knowledge of the law and understanding how people make decisions. The agenda of this workshop will cover:
• Essential components of Supported Decision-Making
• Best practices and specific examples of how Supported Decision-Making works
• Discussing how to overcome potential barriers to implementing Supported Decision-Making
Support professionals will gain a deeper knowledge of Supported Decision-Making, why it is The Basics of Supported Decision Making Webinar 072020 important, and how it can be effective in your organization and with the people you support.

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