Quality Trust for Individuals with Disabilities is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring effective advocacy, monitoring, and legal representation for all people with disabilities.

An advocate helps people and their families solve problems and achieve personal goals in life. An advocate also helps people to speak out effectively on issues important to living the life they want. This speaking out is called advocacy.  We partner with people and their families as advocates and together work to achieve important life outcomes. Quality Trust advocates are professional, time-limited advocates.

No, Quality Trust does not work or contract with the DC Government. Quality Trust is an independent, non-profit organization that advocates for children and adults with disabilities and families who have a loved one with a disability.

No, Quality Trust does not provide special needs trusts for people with disabilities.  We were instrumental in the creation of Shared Horizons, a special needs pooled trust located in DC and sharing office space with Quality Trust. Shared Horizons is an independent, non-profit with the sole focus on helping people with disabilities access an affordable trust option that protects their benefits and personal finances.

Basic advocacy intervention provided to District of Columbia residents are free of charge. Other support services can be made available to trustees, attorneys, and non-District residents on a fee for service basis.

Quality Trust was created out of a class action lawsuit that closed the District’s institution for people with intellectual disabilities. Our original charge was to advance the interests of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in DC.  Our work today seeks to ensure that all children and adults with developmental disabilities have the opportunity to live with dignity, respect, and access to quality services and support.

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