The Individual and Family Advocacy program works one-on-one with people with developmental disabilities and their families. We take the lead from them on what to focus on to meet their desired needs. Our advocacy is unique.
Individual and Family Advocacy Support
The Legal Education and Advocacy program works on a broad range of systemic and individual matters that impact the lives of people
with developmental disabilities.
Legal Education & Advocacy
The Monitoring program ensures that services to and for people with developmental disabilities are responsive to the needs of each person receiving services in DC.
Monitoring Program
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Notes from our CEO

Giving Thanks

The Thanksgiving holiday is a time for reflection and gratitude. At Quality Trust, it has been another year filled with challenges and new ventures. We experienced the end of the Evans case in January 2017 and our mighty monitoring team took on the challenge and responsibility for independent monitoring of services in DC. Our legal team continued to lead the way with our National Resource Center on Supported Decision-Making ( and with the execution of a grant with the National Council on Disability ( that resulted in a ground-breaking report on the impact of guardianship for people with disabilities that will be published early next year. Our outreach team forged ahead with the creation of our Life Span Support project that builds on the unique skills and values Quality Trust brings to our work with people and their families. And our strong and steady administrative team ensured our foundation remained solid – making any changes needed as we continue to innovate in our work. Many things to be proud of and grateful for on reflection. (more…)


   12/15  The Importance of Keeping Promises
There is an old adage that says: “You’re only young once.” This is particularly true in the world of special education – children in school have only one chance to receive the education they need to successfully transition into adulthood.  In 2014, the District of Columbia promised to improve special education for students with disabilities when it enacted a series of critical legislative reforms. The 2014 Special Education Reforms included, among other things, increased access to early intervention services, shortened wait times for eligibility evaluations, and an earlier start to postsecondary transition planning. Yet, unfortunately, this legislation has not gone into effect because it remains unfunded. Quality Trust is part of a coalition of special education advocates saying “enough is enough” (Special Education in DC – A Continuing Crisis.pdf) It is time for the District to keep its promise to students with disabilities and fully fund these reforms. Read more
   10/13  Opening the Doors to Opportunity: Transition Planning 101
Quality Trust will host an educational session on Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm at Quality Trust’s office titled “Opening the Doors to Opportunity: Transitioning 101.” This session will provide the foundation for transition planning for youth and their families to utilize specific tools, resources, and information to prepare for adult life goals. A combination of transition planning expertise and first-hand experience informs this discussion about how the transition process should work. The session is for parents and family members only.   Click Here to Register and Learn More
   10/6  October is Disability Employment Awareness Month
October is recognized as  National Disability Employment Awareness Month. This tradition dating back to 1945 is meant to bring attention to the important contributions people with disabilities make in the workforce. The theme for 2017 is “inclusion drives innovation”. It was selected to highlight the many ways inclusion of people with disabilities results in innovative ideas for today’s economy.  Read more
   9/20  Alternatives to Guardianship
Jessica Bronson joined Quality Trust in April 2017 as the new staff attorney under its Jenny Hatch Justice Project (JHJP). She previously worked at George Washington University Law School, where she provided legal assistance to seniors and people with disabilities to help them access affordable health insurance and medical treatment. Read more
   7/18  2017 Gala Photos
Click below to see all event photos! Read more


   11/28  What Do I Need to Know? Decision-Making After Age 18
Quality Trust will host an educational session on Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm at Quality Trust’s office titled “Decision Making After Age 18.”
Reaching the age of 18 can be an exciting time for people with disabilities and their families. It also is a time when many questions arise about what the legal responsibilities are of young adults and how they can be supported with decision-making when they face critical life choices.
Come learn about the options that exist in the District of Columbia and Maryland for supporting adults with disabilities in decision-making. During this interactive session, we will discuss:
  • What happens under the law when a person with a disability turns 18
  • What adult “guardianship” is
  • Why families should explore other options first
  • What some of those other options are in the context of education, health care, and finances
  • What powers of attorney and “supported decision-making” are and how they can work in practice

The intention of this workshop is to provide families with information about the full range of decision-making tools available, so they can identify and use the right tool at the right time to support people with disabilities in succeeding, thriving, and experiencing full membership in their communities.

To Register, please Click Here.
   11/1  Opening the Doors to Opportunity: SSI at Age 18
Quality Trust will host an educational session on Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 from 10:00am – 12:00pm at Quality Trust’s office titled “Opening the Doors to Opportunity: SSI at Age 18.”
This workshop provides an overview of Supplemental Security Income (SSI), a Social Security benefit that is critical in the lives of adults with disabilities because of its link to their eligibility for Medicaid and its long-term services and supports. Come learn practical tips for how to effectively navigate the complicated Social Security system families frequently face when a child with a disability transitions to adulthood.
During this interactive session we will discuss: who is eligible, how and when to apply, what Supplemental Security Income (SSI) will pay for, and how it is possible to keep Medicaid even if SSI cash payments stop because of employment.
The intention of this workshop is to prepare families for what to expect during the SSI eligibility process, where common “sticking points” in that process lie, and how those barriers can be overcome with advance preparation and strategic advocacy. This session is critical for planning for your child’s future; and not to be missed.
To Register, please Click Here.
   10/27  Two New Workshops for Disability Professionals

For Disability Professionals:

Join Quality Trust for two informative professional development sessions:

The first workshop, on Wednesday, November 1, with Pathways to Community Integration and Connection from 1:30 – 3:00pm. In this educational session attendees will learn how to assist people to be active participants in the community based on their personal preferences and individual interests. As disability professionals know, finding a place to start making the connections that will sustain participation and meaningful engagement over time is not an easy or quick task. In this workshop participants will explore definitions of community, test out tools for exploring community and expanding inclusion and discuss how to overcome potential barriers to community inclusion.

Read More…

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