About Quality Trust

Quality Trust is an independent, non-profit advocacy organization focused on improving the lives of children and adults with disabilities and their families in the District of Columbia and beyond. We work with people and their family members to solve problems, identify opportunities for learning and contribution, Quality Trust looks for creative ways to minimize differences and make the most of each person’s abilities.

Our Vision

A community where everyone is respected, belongs, contributes, is valued, and shapes his or her own present and future.

Our Mission

To be an independent catalyst for change in the lives of people of all ages with developmental disabilities in the District of Columbia and beyond. We partner with people and their families so they can succeed, thrive, and experience full membership in the communities they choose.


Quality Trust was founded as part of a settlement in the class action lawsuit (Evans v the District of Columbia), that closed Forest Haven, the District’s institution for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.  We were incorporated in March, 2001, and the Board of Directors was appointed by the Mayor in September, 2001. Fully operational since May, 2002, Quality Trust focuses on assisting children and adults with developmental disabilities in the District of Columbia.

Our Values

  • We presume capacity, promote it, expand it, and defend it in all our actions, policies, and practice
  • People should control all aspects of their lives, as desired
  • Supports should reflect a lifespan approach
  • Families are a critical advocacy partner

Statement on Equality

Quality Trust joins those in our communities who speak out and advocate for change. Please review our statement here

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