Family Ties of DC (FTDC) is a unique parent-to-parent support program that matches a Support Parent who has child(ren) with disabilities with the Referred Parent, who is seeking emotional support, information and resources from someone who has travelled their path. Parenting is one of the most important full-time positions in the world and includes times of being overwhelmed, lonely, and fearful which is the reason that you need someone who you can share and connect about the similar life experiences from a parent with a listening ear.

For over 18 years, families have turned to Quality Trust for advocacy and support; our unique brand of family supports has assisted hundreds of families to create a plan and identify solutions with outcomes of empowerment and self-sufficiency. With Family Ties of DC program, parents can now have a “supportive connection” which will make all the difference to a family.

Choose not to be alone in this journey by requesting a Family Ties of DC parent match that can offer a range of supports that can include:

• Find resources and supports for you and your family
• Gain clarity on processes and systems
• Know your parental rights and the rights of your family member
• Learn strategies to advocate for your family member
• Identify ways to access and participate within the community
• Seek respite and self-care support

Click Here to submit a FTDC Parent Match Request. Please consider another benefit of FTDC and join trained volunteer Support Parents, who are reliable and “experienced” parents of a child with a disability. If you wish to apply to become an FTDC Support Parent, Click Here and complete the application.

Linda’s Story

When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in DC, I didn’t have full access to all the rapidly changing information about the District’s government closures and protocols. It took a while to connect with my daughter’s service coordinator. My daughter was ill, but I was not certain that her initial symptoms were related to COVID-19, as they were not the typical signs of fever, coughing and shortness of breath as noted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As my daughter grew sicker, my fears grew as I thought about going to the hospital where we could be exposed further or that I might be separated from my daughter who does not use words to communicate. I called Rhonda White from Quality Trust’s Family Ties of DC program for guidance to decide if I should go to the hospital. She advised me on how to stay safe and how to advocate for my daughter when we visit the hospital.

It was confirmed that my daughter had the coronavirus at the hospital.   I felt powerless and gripped with fear. It was a state of being that we (families) are familiar when we are faced with becoming prepared for the unknown, but the support of Ms. White and my parent connections kept me calm, focused and empowered me to keep fighting for my daughter.  Everything I learned in the parent training, was put into place.

As my daughter recovered from COVID-19, I am grateful for the continued support of Family Ties of DC and my fellow Support Parents. These parent connections gave me encouragement, solutions, and resources.  Although I have lonely moments, I know that I am not alone with the support of FTDC parents who are only a phone call away.  I have learned the true value of parent connection that is vital to the health of families.

Parent Education and Training

Parent trainings are offered to Support and Referred Parents on a variety of topics:

• Guardianship, Alternatives and Supported Decision-Making
• Mental Health of the Caregiver
• Accessing the Education Outcome for Your Student
• Obtaining Social Security Income (SSI)
• Secondary Transition-Life Goals
• Aging and End of Life Planning
• Eligibility Process for DC Disability/Rehabilitation Services

Family Ties of DC program is an Alliance Member of the national Parent to Parent USA program which is committed to providing access to quality emotional support for families of individuals with disabilities and/or special health care needs.

To learn more about Family Ties of DC, obtain the FTDC Parent Match Request form or join the FTDC Support Parent Application, please email Rhonda White, Community and Family Engagement Liaison or call her at 202-459-4002 (direct).

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