July 14, 2017

QT Supports the DC Disability Services Reform Amendment Act of 2017

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Quality Trust is part of a coalition of individuals and local disability rights organizations that strongly support D.C. Bill 22-0154, now known as the Disability Services Reform Amendment Act of 2017.  We are urging the D.C. Council to swiftly pass this legislation, as it will move the District forward in respecting the rights and dignity of all of its residents. 

The bill would stop requiring people with at least a moderate level of intellectual disability to be civilly committed in court in order to access certain residential services and would allow those who are already committed the choice of whether or not to remain so. The bill also would formally recognize Supported Decision-Making Agreements across the lifespan, disability, and life areas. In addition, DDS would be required to create a formal complaint process that people receiving DDA services could use, with appeal rights to the Office of Administrative Hearings.  Please see the Coalition’s updated flyer for more information about this important bill and why you should join us now in supporting it!


Disability Coalition One-Pager Supporting Bill 22-0154 (as of 2018.01.22, pm)

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