Since 2002, Quality Trust has monitored the quality of life of area residents with developmental disabilities. Our Personal Support Facilitators (PSF) assist families plan a future with, and for a family member with a developmental disability that is aligned with his or her wishes. We are here to help people live with dignity and a sense of empowerment, as integral members of the communities they choose. Our approach is highly individualized, person-centered and success is measured person to person.

Our expert assistance focuses on helping people develop plans to achieve personal goals, accomplish important daily tasks and fully engage in the community. We work directly with people with disabilities, family members, trustees and/or attorneys who manage pooled and other special needs trusts. PSF consulting services look different for each family and will be shaped by the phase of life, the complexity of needs, mutually agreed-upon objectives, and available resources.

Those looking for individualized guidance or crisis intervention can enter short-term or long-term engagements with Quality Trust. We begin with an assessment of each person’s unique situation and individual needs. Quality Trust will then help you to achieve your goals or a family member’s goals by offering a blend of direct in-person and collaborative support services. Direct services may include home visits, attending meetings and other face-to-face contact. Indirect support services can include research, reviewing benefits, government and community agency applications, and other activities to protect and manage your life and well-being or a loved one.

Individual Consultation

Quality Trust also provides consultation for families to help identify support needs for children or adults with developmental disabilities. These consultations can assist to develop and implement strategies to make a difference with the following:

• Improve educational outcomes
• Make practical environmental accommodations (home or work)
• Address challenging behavioral needs
• Help identify opportunities for expanded social roles
• Make plans for transition from school to work or college

These services are independent of other support provided by Quality Trust and are consultative in nature. Depending on the specific engagement, Quality Trust will provide reports, recommendations for families, attorneys, trustees or other caregivers. We can also provide one-on-one coaching to the child, adult or family members.

Family Education and Training

Quality Trust staff can provide tailored, family-centered training sessions that provide practical tools to get organized, learn about resources for which they may be eligible, and understand the steps needed to access support services for people with developmental disabilities of all ages.

Topics are offered by experts in the field, are practical and allow ample time for questions to be answered. Topics are related to special education, transition, disability benefits, guardianship and its alternatives, and future planning can be provided. Our community education seminars are offered in-person and via webinar. Topics may include but not be limited to:

• Decision-Making After Age 18
• Alternatives to Guardianship
• Obtaining SSI at Age 18
• Person-Centered Planning
• DDA Eligibility in Washington, DC
• RSA Eligibility in Maryland
• Choosing the Right Provider

To learn more about our customized supports and family education opportunities please email Jim Lethbridge, Deputy Director of Programs or call him at 202-448-1455 (direct).

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