Life Span Supports Project

About Quality Trust’s Life-Span Supports (QTLS) Project

Who is looking out for your family member’s future?

Since 2002, Quality Trust has advocated for the highest quality of life for people with developmental disabilities (DD). We assist people in DC and Maryland learn how to get the support they need and we can advocate on your behalf if the services fall short. Our Personal Support Facilitators (PSF) help families plan a future with and for a family member that is aligned with his or her wishes. We are here to help people live with dignity and a sense of empowerment; as integral members of the communities they choose.

The Life-Span Supports Project

Quality Trust’s Life-Span Supports (QTLS) project is a resource center where people with DD and their families find information, education and guidance related to accessing the benefits and support services essential for a full life.
  • Information: Visit the Resources page to search and find links to organizations that support people with DD and access free content about disability services, legal rights, support networks and more.
  • Education: Increase your knowledge. Learn about the local disability service landscape and what to expect at small, interactive educational sessions titled “What do I need to know…?” workshops. These educational sessions will lead participants on the road to get answers involving disability benefits, independent living, supported decision-making, and how to access services that enable community engagement across the life-span.
  • Guidance: Contact us for help. Families looking for individualized guidance or crisis intervention can enter short-term or long-term engagements with QTLS professionals. Quality Trust’s Personal Support Facilitators (PSF) help people find resources and support services, learn how to resolve challenges, and plan for the future. PSF consulting services are individualized for each family, and will be shaped by the persons’ preferences, the complexity of needs, mutually agreed-upon objectives, and available resources.
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