DDA in DC: Upcoming Sessions

Quality Trust will be hosting two educational sessions on Tuesday, March 6th, 6-8pm and Tuesday, April 10th, 6-8pm about DDA in DC. Both sessions will be held at the Quality Trust offices. 

DDA in DC, Part I: Medicaid Waivers, Eligibility, and the Application Process

DC residents will learn about what is required to establish eligibility for ID waiver benefits after the age of 18 in Washington, DC. We will briefly discuss which services are covered by ID Waiver funds, how the ID Waiver works in DC, what to expect from the application process, how to prepare, and the appeals process.
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DDA in DC, Part II: Support Services in DC

DC residents will learn about the structure of Medicaid waiver-funded support services available in DC to help people live in a place of their own, prepare for the workforce, acquire new skills, engage in community-based activities, work, socialize, and improve their well-being.
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