Quality Trust was created to serve as an independent monitoring organization to ensure services to and for people with developmental disabilities are responsive to the needs of each person receiving services in DC. Quality Trust monitors visit people where they live and spend their days. Our activities includes individual program monitoring, follow up on abuse, neglect and personal thefts incidents, environmental site visits, regular reporting of data collected, trending and tracking of different types of critical events (e.g., hospitalizations, nursing home placements, deaths, etc.) and technical support to providers. Quality Trust’s Monitoring Team includes a monitoring coordinator, four monitoring specialists, and a registered nurse with over 50 years of combined experience supporting and working with people with developmental disabilities. All people monitored are personally interviewed to ensure the assessment reflects what is most important to and for each person. The goal of our assessment is to collect data and ensure that required supports are in place.


  • Monitored and reviewed over 1,270 people since the inception of the monitoring program
  • Reviewed 4,500 serious reportable incidents for class and non-class members
  • Check out our latest monitoring report in Reports & Publications
  • Click Here to participate in our Self-Advocate Monitoring survey. You can print a copy May 2016 Monitoring Outreach and fax it to 202-448-1469 or email it to

Monitoring Success for Carol

Quality Trust’s monitoring team received a referral from Carol regarding an abuse incident where she alleged that her mother had struck her. While interviewing Carol and reviewing her documentation it became clear that she was not being supported in a manner that allowed her to live her best life. She had a multitude of health concerns that were unaddressed; she was not going to a day program and spent most of every day in her basement apartment alone with her elderly mother. The monitor referred Carol to QT’s advocacy team for individual advocacy support to make positive change in her life. QT advocate coordinated team meetings and led a plan to have Carol move from her mother’s apartment and into a group home with women her age. Carol now has her medical needs met, attends an exciting day program and a variety of community activities with the ladies from her home. Carol is now leading a healthier and more fulfilling life with supports from Quality Trust. To get more information please email James Lethbridge or call 202-448-1455 (direct).
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