Individual and Family Advocates

Advocacy is the foundation of Quality Trust’s mission and the work we do for children and adults with developmental disabilities and with families who have a family member with disabilities. Quality Trust advocates work one-on-one with individuals to identify challenges and set personal goals for the future. We partner with people, taking the lead from each person on what is important to focus in order to meet their needs. Our advocacy is unique. Working with us is voluntary and each person can choose to stop advocacy support at any point. Quality Trust advocates support each person to tell his or her story and build advocacy skills so the person can speak up and share their concerns with others directly.

Quality Trust advocates meet with the people they support as often as needed to get to know them, their preferences and desired outcomes. They connect with family members, government representatives, and any other stakeholders to keep everyone focused on the person’s unique requirements and what is most important to achieve.

We use what we learn through individuals advocacy to address systemic issues in the city. We have identified and addressed a wide range of concerns such as healthcare, transition, supported decision-making and life choice planning.

Some Highlights

  • Over 4,800 people supported with disabilities since the inception of the advocacy program in 2003
  • Advocates are trained and knowledgeable of best-practice standards in supporting people with developmental disabilities
  • Provided assistance with finding employment, accessing community services, residential choices, rights violations, and other important issues

Janet’s Story

Janet, lived in a group home for over three years with four other women. She had been telling her support team she wanted to move and live in an apartment. She called a Quality Trust advocate to support her to make a change of her choice. While working with QT, they focused on identifying apartments where Janet could move and identified someone she would want as a roommate, and the supports she would need to be successful in her new home. Through advocacy efforts and working with the support team, Janet moved into an apartment with a friend and is very happy.

To make a referral or get more information email: Jimi Lethbridge or call him at 202-448-1455 (direct).

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