Personal Support

Quality Trust offers a variety of distinctive supports to individuals and families that assist people with disabilities to live and thrive in the community.  Our assistance focuses on helping people develop plans for achieving personal goals, accomplishing important daily tasks and fully engaging in all aspects of their community. We can work directly with people with disabilities, family members, trustees and/or attorneys who manage pooled and other special needs trusts.

We always begin with an assessment of each person’s unique situation and individual needs. Quality Trust will then help you to achieve your goals or a family member’s goals by offering a blend of direct in-person and collaborative support services.  Direct services may include home visits, attending meetings and other face to face contact.  Indirect support services can include making phone calls, research, reviewing benefits, applications, government or community agency policies and other activities to protect and manage your life and well-being or a loved one.

Individual Consultation

Quality Trust also provides consultation for families to help identify support needs for children or adults with developmental disabilities. These consultations can assist in developing and implementing strategies to effect change and/or address specific issues or problems such as the following:

  • Improving Educational Outcomes
  • Making practical Environmental Accommodations (home or work)
  • Addressing Challenging behavioral needs;
  • Facilitating a better use of abilities, gifts and talents;
  • Helping identify opportunities for expanded social roles;
  • Making plans for the transition from school to work;

These services are independent of other support provided by Quality Trust and are consultative in nature. Depending on the specific engagement, Quality Trust will provide reports, recommendations for families, attorneys, trustees or other caregivers. We can also be engaged to provide one on one coaching to the child, adult or family members. 

Our approach is highly individualized and success is measured person by person.  

For more information email Tina Campanella or call 202-448-1442 (direct).

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