Training and Expert Advice

General Consultation and Training Services

Quality Trust can provide practical and effective consultation or training to organizations and/or governmental units concerning a broad spectrum of areas on person centered program design and quality improvement in services for people with developmental and other disabilities.  Quality Trust’s experienced staff has provided services in many settings, developed and implemented individual, organizational and state wide systems for program innovation and quality improvement.  The list below reflects the type of issues we can help you address:

  • How to design an individualized support plan for people with limited language
  • Assisting people with all types of disabilities to experience self determination
  • Providing support for building decision making skills
  • Understanding guardianship and the available alternatives
  • Developing effective  partnerships with families
  • Planning for successful transitions from school to work
  • Important components in designing successful and meaningful day engagement
  • Assisting people with disabilities to succeed on boards and committees
  • Planning for transitions from an institutional settings to community living
  • Assessing the “person centeredness” and effectiveness of services and supports

Quality Trust can provide expert training or consultation on any of the issues mentioned above. Our leadership and staff has many years of practical experience working directly with people, We can also partner with other respected and experienced professionals we have worked with if additional areas of expertise are required,  Our goal is to help organizations analyze performance challenges and craft solutions to problems.  Our experience and track record can help you achieve the results you want more quickly.

Other Consultation Services

Quality Trust also provides consultation and services for people with disabilities, families and others to identify support needs for children or adults with developmental disabilities.  These consultations and supports can assist in developing and implementing strategies to effect change and/or address specific issues or problems such as the following:

  • Improving Educational Outcomes
  • Making practical Environmental Accommodations (home or work);
  • Addressing Challenging behavioral needs;
  • Achieving ISP goals and objectives;
  • Facilitating a better use of abilities, gifts and talents;
  • Helping identify opportunities for expanded social roles;
  • Making plans for the transition from schools to work;
  • Envisioning innovative solutions for living, working or general engagement in the community.

These services are independent of other support provided by Quality Trust and are consultative in nature.   Depending on the specific engagement, Quality Trust will provide reports, recommendations for families, attorneys, trustees or other caregivers.  We can also be engaged to provide one on one coaching to the child, adult or family members.  

For more information, email Tina Campanella or call 202-448-1442 (direct).

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